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Slidell Lawyer For Community Property Division

Community Property Settlement Attorney On The North Shore

An important part of any divorce proceeding is dividing the property owned jointly by the couple equitably. This is often more complicated than one might expect. Whether or not property is jointly owned can be an issue. If there is a prenuptial agreement, it may take precedence over Louisiana community property law. Deviations from the child support guidelines can frequently involve changes in how property is divided. An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can help your navigate these waters.

A Business Lawyer To Assist With Property Division

At our Slidell law firm, De St. Germain Law Office, we handle community property partitions from the simple to the highly complex. With a background in business law, our attorney is able to help clients who own family businesses, manage rental property or have purchased property to be developed. People with assets such as these find that the property division process is seldom straightforward; our law firm protects the rights of these clients effectively.

The community property settlement process also requires divorcing couples to divide their debts. Our attorney has helped clients deal with issues related to bankruptcy and divorce as well as employing investigators to identify all debts.

Using Experts And Gathering The Facts To Ensure A Fair Property Settlement

We also use accountants, appraisers and business valuators to determine the value of the assets and debts to be divided. We make sure that property is not being hidden by a client’s spouse and that it is fairly valued. This is particularly important when determining the value of family businesses; accounting practices in these companies may be informal, making it easy to hide cash and other assets. Our goal is to ensure that the process is correct and the outcome fair.

Our attorney gathers all the facts, reviewing accounting statements and other financial records. We have worked with special divorce masters in matters involving community property. We have also tried cases, appearing in court on behalf of clients whose spouses are unwilling to negotiate. As a Slidell attorney for community property division, we are able to undertake any property division matter, however complex.

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