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Continuing Tutorship

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2018 | Continuing Tutorship

If you have a child between the ages of 15 and 17 with special needs, then you may qualify for Continuing Tutorship (or what other states more commonly refer to as guardianship).

Once a child in Louisiana reaches the age of 18 they are considered a major in the eyes of the law and a parent can no longer act on their child’s behalf such as making important medical and financial decisions.

How can you as a parent continue to oversee your child’s affairs?

Continuing Tutorship is available when a person above the age of 15 possesses less than two-thirds of the average mental ability of a  person of standard ability of the same age, as evidenced by standard testing procedures (for example, IEP tests).

Continuing Tutorship allows a parent to continue the parent and child relationship even after the child turns 18. Essentially the child would continue to be considered a “minor” which allows the parents to oversee the child’s interests.

Why not wait until your child turns 18? Once your child turns 18, you can no longer request continuing tutorship from the court but instead you would need to request for your child to be interdicted. Interdiction is a much more expensive and complicated legal procedure that requires an attorney to be appointed to represent your child, a court hearing, and possibly testimony from a medical professional.

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