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Divorce and Stress

Divorce can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be. I know, I know... your ex is a jerk... I get it. But you have the power to turn it off. You do! Wouldn't that be awesome? To turn a valve on all the stress. To not care. To be bothered less?

Custody and Civility

Civility during a custody dispute. Does it exist? In an earlier article, How to Prepare for Divorce, one of the pointers was to "remain civil." I've received some feedback and questions on this point, wherein people asked, "can being too nice hurt my case?" And, more prevalently, "how to be nice when the other parent is not."

Grounds for Divorce in Louisiana

Louisiana does not require fault to obtain a divorce. This means that either spouse can petition the court for a divorce and the divorce shall be granted upon proof that the requisite periods of time have elapsed. Refer to the Divorce Process for a more detailed explanation. The requisite period of time is 365 days if you have children and 180 days if you do not. The other spouse cannot force you to stay married or go to marriage counseling. If you want a divorce, you can get one.

How to Prepare for a Divorce

1. Consult with an Attorney. The old adage Knowledge is Power is especially true in divorce. Understanding your rights, risks, and best course of action will help reduce your stress and ensure that you do not make costly mistakes.

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